deferrable will have a hard knot

Frostbite in cold season, generally occur at the temperature below 5 ℃, until spring climate warmer after healing, but easy to again hair again after winter. Many people relapse once a year, once they have frostbite.

Winter frostbite

Frostbite is the most common among young children and primary school students. Extremities and auricle are most likely to occur. See local skin hair cool, appear dark purple or purple blue patches, press soft. Blisters are present in severe cases, resulting in erosion or ulceration. Feel itching, burning sensation and pain after hot. Those who are deferrable will have a hard knot.

The mechanism of cold allergy frostbite is not very clear. It may be related to the skin blood vessels to the cold allergy, and may also be related to the disorders and genetic factors of plant nerve function. People who often come into contact with cold water are susceptible to the disease.

People living in some coastal or cold humid environment in the south of China for a long time are susceptible to the disease. Humidity can accelerate the surface heat dissipation, so winter humidity big area, frostbite rate is higher. In addition, plant nerve function disorder, limb blood circulation is bad, hand and foot sweat, lack of exercise, malnutrition, anaemia and some chronic diseases often are the pathogenesis of frostbite.

Prevention of frostbite is mainly to keep warm, keep dry, the shoes and socks should not be too tight, the frozen area should not immediately bake and hot water soak. Easy to be frozen with petroleum jelly or other oils to protect the skin. Not burst of frostbite can be used to promote blood back to the circle of drugs, such as 10% camphor Xu or local rubbing capsicum tincture. The people use chili to fry the water local to wash, have certain effect.

Keep your feet dry and cool

The application of 5% boric acid ointment, red mildew ointment or lard honey ointment (30% honey 70% of the honey) is applied and wrapped in the ulcer. At the same time, the distal end of the internal suit distal vasodilators such as niacin. The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is for wen jing, tongluo, blood circulation and blood stasis.

The key to curing frostbite is to get rid of the wet and cold work and keep the frostbite local warm and dry, otherwise it will be easy to relapse. Better treatments are (1) stick to 40 ℃ water temperature affected area. (2) for the external use of xinomycin sulfate or furan, the effective rate is 85 ~ 95%.

Main measures to prevent frostbite of recurrence are (1), winter protection, heat preservation and moisture proof, make the bedroom indoor temperature is best can keep more than 15 ℃, relative humidity 50%. (2) keep shoes, socks, shoes and gloves dry. People who sweat should not wear rubber shoes, and use stop sweat powder.

Notice of frostbite and the prevention and control of frostbite

For this disease to be preventively, you should exercise regularly and improve your body's adaptability to cold. Pay attention to the whole body and local warmth, wear gloves as soon as possible, and keep the socks warm and loose to keep hands and feet dry. Eat enough fat, protein, and vitamins to keep your body full of calories. In peacetime, should always massage the hands and feet to use the auricle to promote the blood circle of the hands and feet, and the patients who have recurrent chilblains can use ultraviolet radiation before the winter to get the precautionary effect on the area of the cold sore.


likely to occur in winter

In winter, the weather is cold, and many people like to invite three or five friends to have a hot spring at the weekend. The mineral in hot spring is good for human health, the right amount of bubble bath can not only relieve pressure, but also have certain treatment effect to certain skin disease. But, experts remind, do not use alkalescent shower dew to wash after soaking hot spring, can cause skin itch.A glass disposable vape pen cartridge looks extremely fascinating! It has a metallic body, which looks better when a glass cartridge is added to the posterior part! These are similar in size to that of normal cigarettes.

Expert analysis, this is because the winter climate is dry, the skin protective function is reduced, long soak in the hot springs, water in the skin the branch with the loss of sweating, if reoccupy bath or alkaline substances such as soap to wash, very easy to cause loss of skin grease, make the skin dry and itchy.

In addition, the expert warns a citizen also note that the hot spring water is generally higher, but in fact more than 32 ℃ temperature is likely to produce harm to human skin, along with some hot springs in the alkaline etc excitant material is more, these are likely to stimulate and damage the skin's self protection function, make the skin diseases are more likely to occur in winter.

In winter skin disease prevention, experts suggest that citizens should not be used while taking a bath water temperature too high, to avoid energetically rub is brushed, less with strong detergent bath degreasing effect, should use nature more moderate bath shower, to use embellish body cream moisturizes your skin after bath. And the old man in the winter bath should not overwork, the child should strengthen the hydrated water after bathing. On the food side, should eat more fruits, vegetables, drink soup water more, try to eat less greasy and spicy food. Drink less, because alcohol can aggravate itchy skin symptoms. At the same time, moderate exercise, maintain a relaxed mood, also have a good effect to prevent disease.When you make your book hong kong hotel , Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong offers comprehensive professional service to you including high-speed FREE wifi. We encourage people contact their families and friends via social media when they are outside home.


Precautions for hot springs:

1. When you're hungry, you can't immediately soak in hot springs, because it's easy to get giddy when you're empty and you want to vomit and get tired.

2. If you take a long ride or walk a long way, you are very tired. Do not go to hot springs immediately, or you will get more and more tired.

Lack of sleep or staying up late, if you suddenly have hot hot springs, you may have shock or brain ischemia.

4. The mood is very excited or very angry, the heart rate is fast, also do not suit to bubble hot spring.

5. After eating or drinking, you can't immediately go to the hot spring, which can lead to indigestion and a brain hemorrhage.

You can't go to a hot spring if you are malnourished or ill.

7. People with heart disease, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries, bubble hot spring, before slowly wiped body with hot spring, bubble hot spring again, can't go to bubble hot spring, otherwise it will affect the contraction of blood vessels 香港之最.

People with cancer and leukaemia are not suitable for hot spring, because it is easy to stimulate the metabolism and weaken the body quickly.

If people with acute colds, acute illnesses and infectious diseases, don't go to hot springs.

10. Women may have the best time to stay in hot springs at the beginning and end of pregnancy.

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